Earth Science Week 2014: “Earth’s Connected Systems”

Earth_Science_Week_Poster_2014.jpgJoin the Geological Sciences Department on Saturday October 4th from 12-4pm at UTEP’s Geology building to celebrate Earth Science Week.  This year’s theme highlight’s “Earth’s Connected Systems” and aims to educate the communities youth and general public about the critical role geosciences plays in our understanding of the natural world. 

An understanding our natural systems- the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere- allows us to both better manage our resources and coexist with our natural world.

A number of activities, including a rock and mineral auction, will be available aiming to engage and educate the youth and general public of our community and we encourage everyone to bring along and involve their families.  Special guest lectures will also serve to provide in depth discussion about Earth systems.  Don’t forget to bring your appetites as well because we will also be hosting a free BBQ for those attending!

For up to date information regarding UTEP’s Earth Science Week and pictures of last year’s event visit our Facebook page (