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Dr. Diane I. Doser
Earthquake Seismology, Seismotectonics, Geophysics


      Dr. Doser's research interests include studies of historical (pre-1964) and recent earthquakes in the Caribbean, Pacific Northwest, New Zealand and southern Alaska regions, seismic tomography, crustal structure of the southwest U.S.,northern Mexico, and northern Africa, and shallow geophysics applied to environmental and engineering promblems. Results of her historic earthquake studies have helped quantify the effects of large earthquakes and determine the rupture process along faults in regions experiencing oblique subduction.

      With colleagues in computer science she has explored ways to better quantify uncertainties in seismic tomography studies. She currently serves as an associate editor for the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. In 1999, her research earned her the prestigious "Distinguished Achievement Award in Research" at UT El Paso.

      Here is a list of her current research:

    • Earthquake seismology, earthquake hazards, seismotectonics (Alaska, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Pacific Northwest, Northern California, Bhutan)
    • Environmental geophysics (El Paso region)
    • Crustal structure studies (Libya, Alaska, northern Mexico)
    • Thomas VanDeMark (undergraduate), Spring 2004, Spectral Ratio Studies of Earthquake Wave Propagation Across Northern Libya
    • Claudia Flores, (MS), Fall 2003, Crustal Seismicity of the Upper Cook Inlet Region, Alaska
    • Enayat Kalantarian, Fall 2003, (PhD, ESE program), Using Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves to Locate the Shallow (<5 m) Water Table at Sites Around El Paso
    • Salma Khatun, (MS), Fall 2003, Modeling Precision Gravity Data to Locate Faults within the Mesilla Bolson, West Texas
    • Ekal Imana, PhD, Spring 2003, (co-chair w/Dr. Langford) Gravity Studies of the Mesilla Bolson Region
    • Dowchu Drukpa, MS, Fall 2002, Seismotectonic Studies of Bhutan
    • Cindy Gillespie, PhD, Fall 2002, (co-chair w/ Dr. Keller) Studies of the Structure of Basins Within the Rio Grande Rift
    • Jaime Hincapie, MS, Summer 2001, Stress Modeling of Earthquakes in the Buller Region, New Zealand
    • Ekal Imana, PhD, Spring 2003, (co-chair w/ Dr. Langford) Gravity Studies of the Mesilla Bolson Region
    • Austin Holland, MS, Spring 2002, Seismicity of the Salton Sea Geothermal Area
    • Christina Rodriguez, MS, Fall 2001, Relocation of Seismicity in Southwestern Puerto Rico
    • Jounada Ouiety, MS, Fall 2002, (co-chair w/ Dr. Keller) Gravity Studies of the Marfa Basin Region, West Texas
    • Alejandro de la Pena, (MS), Upper and Lower Plate Seismicity in the Vicinity of the Nucleation Region of the 1964 Great Alasks Earthquake
    • Katy Wiest, (MS), Source Parameter Studies of Historical Earthquakes of the Pacific Northwest

    • Wesley Brown, (PhD), Seismic and Lithospheric Studies of Libya
    • Oscar Dena, (PhD), Use of Kalman Filtering for Migration of Ground Penetrating Radar Data
    • Leandro Trevino, (PhD), Studies of the 1995 Waitangi Day, Outer Rise Earthquakes, Offshore of Northeastern New Zealand
    • Annette Veilluex, (PhD), Intraslab Seismicity of the Cook Inlet Region
    • National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program (U.S. Geol. Survey): 6/02-5/04, Source parameter studies of historical intraslab and crustal earthquakes of Washington and Oregon: collaborative research between UTEP and BSU (w/ J. Zollweg, Boise State University).
    • 6/03-5/05, Studies of Benioff-Zone earthquakes within the Anchorage, Alaska, region.
    • 5/3-4/05, Integrated seismic investigations of historical and recent earthquakes of the Mendocino triple junction region (w/ Dr. Velasco).
    • National Science Foundation: 6/04-5/06, Studes of seismic velocity structure and attenuation in northwestern Mexico
    • Defense Threat Reduction Agency: 9/01-8/04, Seismological and lithospheric studies of the Libya region (w/ Dr. Keller).
    • Drs. Terry Webb and Russell Robinson, Inst. Of Geol. and Nucl. Sciences, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
    • Dr. Natalia Ratchkovski, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
    • Dr. Peter Haeussler, US Geological Survey, Anchorage
    • Dr. Roberto Ortega, CICESE, La Paz, Baja California Sur
    • Doser, D.I., Seismicity of the Denali Fault Zone (1912-1988), in press, Bull. Seismil. Soc. Am., February2005
    • Doser, D.I., C.M. Rodriquez and C. Flores, Historical earthquakes of the Puerto Rico- Virgin Island region (1915-1943), in press for Geol. Soc. Of Amer. special paper on "Active tectonics and seismic hazards of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and offshore areas"
    • Doser, D.I., O.S. Dena-Ornelas, R.PO. Langford, and M.R. Baker, Monitioring of the Yearly changes in the electrial properties of the shallow subsurface at two sites near the Rio Grande, west Texas, in press, Journal Envir. and Engineer. Geophysics 2005.
    • Hincapie, J.O., D.I. Doser and R. Robinson, Stress changes induced by earthquakes and secular stress accumulation in the Buller region, South Island, New Zealand (1929-2002), in press, Pure and Appl. Geophys., 2005.
    • Doser, D.I., N.A Ratchkovski, P.J. Haeussler, and R. Saltus, Changes in crustal seismic deformation rates associated with the 1964 Great Alaska earthquake, Bull, Seismol. Soc. amer 94, 320-325, 2004
    • Doser, D.I., R. P. Langford, M.R. Baker, G.M. Kaip and F. Tate, Seasonal changes in geophysical surveys in alluvial sediments near the Rio Grande, west Texas, in press, Environ. and Engineer. Geoscience Journ., November, 2002.
    • Khatun, S., M.C.I Ekal and D.I. Doser, Gravity studies to detect faults controlling ground water movement witin the lower Mesilla basin, west Texas, Proceedings of the symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Environmental and Engineering Problems (SAGEEP 2003- San Antonio, Tx) on CD-ROM, paper POT01, 1184-1193, 2003
    • Doser, D.I., and T.H. Webb, Source parameters of large historical (1917-1961) earthquakes, North Island, New Zealand, in press, Geophys. J. Int. 152, 795-832, 2003
    • Doser, D.I., W.A. Brown and M. Velasquez, Seismicity of the Kodiak Island region (1964-2001) and its relation to the 1964 great Alaska earthquake, in press, Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am. 92, 3269-3292, 2002.
    • Doser, D.I., and R. Robinson, Modeling stress changes induced by earthquakes in the southern Marlborough region, South Island, New Zealand, Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am 92, 3229-3238, 2002.