Earthquakes in Action Teaching Modules
Below are teaching modules that I developed for the UCSD California State Summer School in Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) Program course "Earthquakes in Action" (2005-2006).   To learn more about this course, please follow this link.   These modules were designed for grades 9-12, however many of these exercises can be applied to classrooms of grades 6 and up.  Each module will require ~2-3 hours to complete.  Please note that the documents posted below are draft versions and currently under construction.   Links to animations will be posted soon.   Please email me if you would like a copy of a short PowerPoint lecture (~15 min.) that corresponds to each module.   Special acknowledgements go out to Kristin Lawrence and Allison Jacobs for their help with designing and implementing these exercises.

Module 1:  Earthquake Basics

Module 2:  Seismic Waves

Module 3:  Measuring Earthquakes With Seismometers

Module 4:  Plate Tectonics:  Its Your Fault!

Module 5:  Faulting Follies

Module 6:  California Faults and Seismicity

Module 7:  Global Seismicity

Module 8:  Earthquake Conversations
Module 9:  Treacherous Tsunamis

Module 10:  Earth Motion Methods

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