The Dinosaur Tracks of Mount Cristo Rey       

Sunland Park, NM; El Paso, TX, USA & Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

The purpose of this webpage is provide information about the dinosaurs that once roamed the Paso del Norte region,
and to provide updates for visitors to Mt. Cristo Rey. Below is an image of Mt Cristo Rey from the Sunset Heights neighborhood of El Paso.
(You may also recognize UTEP in the foreground)

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Shown below are the types of dinosaurs that roamed our region:
                      Hadrosaurs                                           Theropod (Acrocanthosaurus)                                             Iguanodon                                                          Ankylosaur

The major types of dinosaur tracks are shown below. Notice not all of these dinosaurs roamed the region.

Each year dozens of groups go out to visit the dinosaur tracks. Contact Insights El Paso Science Museum to schedule a tour!


Below is a photo of a group watching their leader act like a dinosaur.

Nature trails have been recently developed for the dinosaur tracks, and signs are being constructed and installed by volunteers from UTEP Geological Sciences.

Below is a map of the trails. The start point can be easily found on Google Maps by searching "Cristo Rey Road, Sunland Park."

Remember that if you hike, you do so at your own risk. Make sure to bring a hat, sturdy shoes, and plenty of water!