Some interesting notes:

1. The April 2014, M8.2 Chile earthquake recorded by UTEP's seismic station.

2. The 50th Aniversary of the 1964, magnitude 9.2 Great Alaska Earthquake, the 2nd largest earthquake ever recorded.

3. Why to pursue a career in Geosciences? Here are more and more reasons ...

4. Why do earthquakes occur?

5. See recent global earthquakes: Seismic Monitor and Rapid Earthquake Viewer

6. Earthquakes in our region: IRIS Earthquake Browser (IEB)

7. KIDD Memorial Seismological Observatory, monitoring El Paso-Juarez seismicity

8. The largest earthquakes in the World since 1990

9. About the UTEP Department of Geological Sciences


My education


Ph.D., Geophysics, University of Texas at El Paso, 2009

M.S., Physics, University of Texas at El Paso, 2003

B.S., Mathematical Physics, Autonomous University of Zacatecas, Mexico, 2000

Research Interest


The physics of earthquakes, tectonic (non-volcanic) tremor, earthquake interaction, dynamic triggering, earthquake hazard, the Rio Grande Rift seismicity, time reversals, stress modeling.



Dr. Aaron A. Velasco (UTEP), MSc. Carlos Montana (UTEP), Dr. Zhigang Peng (Georgia Tech), Dr. David P. Hill (USGS), Dr. Tom Parsons (USGS), Dr. Bodgan Enescu (U. de Tsukuba, Japan), Dr. Raul Castro (CISESE, Mexico), Dr. Christian Escudero (SISVOC, Jalisco Seismic Network, Mexico), Dr. Lina Constanza (Colombian Geological Survey), MSc. Wendy Quiroz (Inst. Geophy. of Peru), Dr. Bladimir Moreno (Director of the National Center for Seismological Research, Cuba), Eng. Emilio Talavera (Director of Seismology, INETER, Nicaragua), Eng. Estela Minaya (Director of Observatorio San Calixto, Bolivia), Dr. Mario Ruiz (Director of the Inst. of Geophys., EPN, Ecuador), Griselda Marroquin (Seismology, MARN, El Salvador), Dr. Oscar Dena (UACJ-CIG, Mexico), and Dr. Kevin Chao (Earthquake Research Inst., U. of Tokyo, Japan)