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Welcome To This Website: A site for geology and other field sciences who use digital mapping techniques.

Overview: This website is dedicated to interchange of information on digital geologic mapping. Topics include information on hardware, software, techniques, and discussions of anything people want to discuss in the use of this evolving technology. I will also try to keep a blog of sorts (although I hate the things) when I learn of new things, etc.

In my opinion this technology fundamentally changes the way we do field studies in the geosciences, and probably all field sciences. Nonetheless, we have a long way to go in perfecting these systems. Thus, it is my hope that the information contained here as well as tthe forums will help promote the use of the technology across the geosciences. Moreover, hopefully the discussions will lead to new techniques and practices as we learn to use these systems to their full potential.

Disclaimer: Discussions of hardware and software here are entirely my opinion based on our experience. I am not trying to promote any product or put any product down for any reason other than what I know; i.e. I'm not getting paid by anyone for any of this. . If someone disagrees with these opinions, please post them on the forums.

Supported by: NSF EAR-1250388 3D visualization and advanced mapping techniques for metamorphic terranes

Field GIS systems have allowed digital mapping, but many options are now out there that don't require you to bow to $#@&ESRI. They differ in philosphy and implementation and what you choose depends on ap.

Traditionally in geology we've been flat map centric by necessity with paper, but this is not a limitation in digital mapping. The real world is 3D and many of us are trying to make mapping a real time 3D affair.

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